Fun with Snap Circuits


Since the New Year, nearly everyone in our home has been sick at one point or another.
Last Friday, I was running a slight fever and felt awful.
Rather than completely forego school for the day,
I pulled down the new box of Snap Circuits for the children.
We read through all the instructions and the science behind the parts.
It was really interesting!

David, Grace and Gregory worked together for a while, but after an hour or so, David took off with the box and went through the projects, stopping at Project 34.


You can see Project 23 here.

Learning to Ride


We are fortunate to live near Asbury University where they often offer classes for homeschooling families.  This semester the Equine Program is offering free horseback riding lessons as part of the certification process for their students.
Grace will take two classes all about horses
and then she’ll be given a few riding lessons.
Excited does not begin to describe how she feels!

Blessing of the Frozen Waters

Each year for Theophany, our parish goes to a local lake to bless the waters.
This year, for the first time that I can remember, the lake was frozen.Untitled


When You, O Lord were baptized in the Jordan
The worship of the Trinity was made manifest
For the voice of the Father bore witness to You
And called You His beloved Son.
And the Spirit, in the form of a dove,
Confirmed the truthfulness of His word.
O Christ, our God, You have revealed Yourself
And have enlightened the world, glory to You!


*New* Information

After we had some trouble with our blogs over the holidays,
my husband switched things around.
Now the URL for my blog is:

If you use a feedreader, please change that info.
Thanks so much!

And just because they are cute, here are some chickens:

First “Snow” of 2015

IMG_20150107_101154While, technically, it did snow yesterday, the snow was mostly just floating around in the air. Some of it did stick to the ground, but not for long.

But that did not stop the kids from screeching in excitement.
Eric was especially intrigued by the weather.
We walked around from window to window.

When we woke up it was 0 degrees F. It is now up to 1 degree.
The schools have closed around here due to cold,
but we will continue school as planned.
Basketball for the boys begins this evening.
We will definitely need to bundle up!

A Baby Girl Yarn Along

IMG_20141230_093128Our friends had a baby two days after Christmas. They didn’t know if the baby was a boy or a girl before she was born, and as soon as they announced that SHE was born, I went to work crocheting a sweet little hat for her.  I love making baby hats!


I am still reading the same book that I was for the last Yarn Along.
With the busyness of the holidays, I didn’t feel much like reading.
Instead, I watched episodes of Gilmore Girls.
Is it just me or is that just a fun show to veg out with?

Do you have a favorite show that
helps you relax after a long day?

Back From A Short Break

Choir Girls
Nutcracker Ballet by Grace

Our website was down for a while there.  Sorry about that.
Hopefully, you didn’t even notice with the busyness of the holidays.

My family came to visit, and my in-laws came after that.
We celebrated Christmas twice.
Everyone received some really wonderful gifts this year,
and we all spent some quality time together.

Sick GregsUnfortunately, Gregory and I began the New Year with bad colds.
While I only have cold symptoms, Gregory has a bad fever that
reached 104.9 earlier today, but is now down below 100.  Whew!
Besides not feeling great, he doesn’t have any obvious symptoms.
Hopefully, we will both be feeling better soon.

Tomorrow we get back to homeschool after a long holiday break.
I’m sure it will be an interesting transition,
but I’m excited to get started again.
I counted earlier today,
and we are only 19 days away from our 100th day!

How was your holiday?


Cincinnati Children'sMany of you have been following Eric’s health issues over the past several months.  After his most recent trip to the ER, he was referred to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to the GI department to try to determine why he has been choking so often.

We were fortunate to see the Chief of Staff and world-renowned doctor at the hospital.  He was very thorough, but not very hopeful that we were going to find anything severely wrong with Eric.  He even said that Eric just might be “weird” and just needs to learn how to eat properly.  We were told they would do a video modified barium swallow study and then, if necessary, an endoscopy.

They set up an appointment for us in Lexington… in January.  However, one opened up at the last minute in Cincinnati, so our entire family drove up to Cinci last Wednesday.

Cincinnati Children's

The test took all of five minutes, and the speech pathologist determined that he would need some speech/occupational therapy to learn how use his tongue and swallowing muscles properly.  Originally, there was some confusion about the diagnosis, but, in the end, therapy is all that is needed.  Whew!

We are very relieved that we shouldn’t have to make any more trips to the Children’s Hospital again any time soon.

He will receives therapy here in Lexington, and should be able to enjoy food like any other one year old in the near future.  That will make him a very happy boy!